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Everything you need to get fit, build habits and gain momentum because life is all about growth 

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Minimalist Fitness

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Minimalism fitness delivers on three core promises:

  1. Habit shaping fitness content to help you move better and move more
  2. Courses to help you apply what you’ve learned. Because knowledge is nothing without action
  3. Access to world class coaches 

Our content is freely available in our blog. For those ready to take action you can find programs and products in our shop.

If you’re still unsure, take one of our quizzes.

The Habits Academy is our course for people who want to gain momentum in their life. 

This course features:

  • A completely customisable notion template
  • Goals & Habit Trackers
  • 300min of video content
  • 12 months of training programs
  • Access to coaches and all interactive quizzes

66 is a habit shaping fitness journey that allows you to reconnect with your fitness potential to build strong, lasting habits around your health and fitness.

You can choose between bodyweight, kettlebell or running programs

Move better, feel better. Unlock your Movement is a 28 day program that helps you to move better, recover faster and feel better.

It’s completely customisable to suit your body’s needs, schedule and equipment.

To start, absolutely nothing. You can start with bodyweight only.

To get through all programs you will need a trigger point ball/roller, kettlebell or dumbbell and a TRX or gym rings/pull-up bar. As you get stronger you may need to invest in more weights.

This is for busy professionals or anyone who wants to take charge of their health and fitness after sacrificing it for their career or family. This is a holistic training experience that covers mindset, nutrition, mobility, strength and performance. 

If you’re not ready to make the commitment, this is NOT for you. We pull apart many aspects of your life in order for you to eliminate those self destructive habits for good.

That’s no problem. We give you access to screens and assessments to know what you need to work on so you can stay injury free.