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Standing out in this industry is hard. 

The average lifespan of a PT is less than 12 months.

Our mission is to improve the industry by helping you stay in the game, make more money and reach your potential in a way that doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars.

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No one likes buying a 10k course that doesn’t work! Trust me, we’ve done it!

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The Habits Academy is our course for people who want to gain momentum in their life. 

This course features:

  • A completely customisable notion template
  • Goals & Habit Trackers
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  • 12 months of training programs
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66 is a habit shaping fitness journey that allows you to reconnect with your fitness potential to build strong, lasting habits around your health and fitness.

You can choose between bodyweight, kettlebell or running programs

Move better, feel better. Unlock your Movement is a 28 day program that helps you to move better, recover faster and feel better.

It’s completely customisable to suit your body’s needs, schedule and equipment.