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Think less, do more.

After years in the fitness industry i’ve learned that men usually over think when it comes to achieving their health and fitness goals. 

Minimalism fitness is designed to help you cut the BS, focus on what matter and achieve your fitness goals.

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If you’re a man aged 25-40 who starts something and never finishes it or you’re just so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start, this is for you.

Maybe you’re someone who has spent the last decade building a successful career and sacrificed your health? Well, this is the space for you.

Our newsletter is for men aged 25-40 who want access to world class information on habit shaping, health and fitness without the BS.

No one likes signing up to a online coaching app built by a fitness influencer that’s never coached a day in their life.

If you’re a man who doesn’t take action or makes BS excuses, this isn’t a space for you.

We break weekly email and programs down into small, achievable pieces so you can learn, evolve and grow.

The Habits Academy is our course for people who want to gain momentum in their life. 

This course features:

  • A completely customisable notion template
  • Goals & Habit Trackers
  • 300min of video content
  • 12 months of training programs
  • Access to coaches and all interactive quizzes

66 is a habit shaping fitness journey that allows you to reconnect with your fitness potential to build strong, lasting habits around your health and fitness.

We take you on a journey from beginner to advanced training over 66 days.

You can choose between bodyweight, kettlebell or running programs

Move better, feel better. Unlock your Movement is a 28 day program that helps you to move better, recover faster and feel better.

It’s completely customisable to suit your body’s needs, schedule and equipment.