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Minimalism Fitness is designed to help you think less and move more.

I founded Minimalism Fitness in 2012 with the mission of helping 1 million people lead healthier and more enjoyable lives.

By living by the mantra, “Think less and move more”, I have seen each client acquire an unshakeable resilience and inner happiness, despite the pressures of a busy professional life.

Using my knowledge from two deployments in Afghanistan in special operations, and then to fast moving tech startups, I’ve developed and gained an understanding of the high performance habits required to succeed in any mission.

Has it been easy? No. Life will still throw you curve balls which has led me to be a more effective personal trainer.

Minimalism Fitness’ free workouts and programs have been battle tested across hundreds of clients. No more thinking is required, you can jump into the fitness routine that suits you today.

The Big Question.



Be Grateful.
Be Useful.
Be Consistent.
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