4 steps to finding your next online fitness coach?

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Should you use an online fitness coach or personal trainer?

As any good coach should answer, it depends.

COVID has certainly changed the way we view traditional lifestyle services and with the rise of on demand streaming services over the years it’s become very apparent that the fitness industry must keep up with the pace. Secondary expenses such as fitness (yes, it’s crazy people consider their “fitness” as a secondary expense) and other lifestyle related activities need to meet the prospective customer in a way that pushes them towards long term and sustainable results and at a price that can be maintained in all conditions.

If we’ve learned anything from the last 18 months, it’s the online fitness coaches that offer a proven system and multiple methods of entry are the ones that will stand the test of time.

From a prospective customer level there is more to look at when attempting to achieve your fitness goals than just the price. We also need to take the most important factor into consideration, the fact that most good coaches can only coach well in person. Online fitness coaching or personal training can really highlight who is worth your dollar and who is not.

With the rise of marketing gurus, any personal trainer can dress themselves up as an expert. So when looking for an online fitness coach you should consider:

Is my body ready for it?

If you are coming back from a large time away from the activity the online fitness coach provides is your body ready for online training. Having a face to face or 1 on 1 coach in these instances might be worth the money as it can reduce the relevant risks associated with returning to activity.

What injuries and limitations do I have?

If you’re carrying injuries or limitations into your training you should be realistic when it comes to hiring a coach let alone an online personal trainer.

Removing the context of screening and assessment is a sure fire way to end up in the same position as you were previously. Whether you are looking at a face to face or online fitness coach, if they don’t have a thorough screening process and they are looking to sign you up for a program, run (If you can).

Does this online fitness coach have the track record to prove they can deliver?

From points 1 and 2 you may have found someone that fits your needs.

The next stage is validating whether or not they have actually done this before. A good coach should have a plethora of reviews and happy clients with specific examples of what they achieved with them. If a coach uses a whole heap of hype and marketing around their product with no testimonials to prove their claims, promptly and politely decline their service.

Is this scalable for my fitness journey?

Finally, if you have found someone that might fit the bill the next consideration is scalability.

If you are fit and healthy with a decent amount of training experience you may just be suitable for an online program that you can work out as you go, but for most people this is far from the case. From the coaches detailed screening and assessment you should be presented with options for the program to be catered to your needs.

It may seem like this is an awful lot to consider when you’re simply trying to lose a few kgs, get a little stronger or improve your fitness but taking the time to consider your options will reduce time lost when you avoid injury and the follow on psychological effects of being unable to train and achieve your goals.

Want to know if you’re suitable for an online fitness coach or online program?

Complete my 10 step self screen to find out

If you pass, you might be suitable for an online program. Things to consider here are the type of training and your experience. If it’s a new skill you wish to acquire, i’d suggest a coach. You can even sign up for 66 which is a completely scalable bodyweight only program program delivered via email.

If you have pain in the screen, go and see a physio or physical therapist before you begin any program. If you sign up via email to Minimalism Fitness you will get access to content that will help you progress along your journey.

If you fail but don’t have pain, don’t stress.

Find a system and a coach (like this one) that can help you with the screens that need your attention.

A good coach should be able to pull the results apart and cater your workouts to suit. you execution is usually only as good as your planning so be sure to take your time and choose your next coach wisely.

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